To The One Feeling Called into Foster Care

You don’t have time, you still need a husband, your children are too young, your house is too small, your job is too stressful, your savings is too low, your family is too far away, your friends are too judgmental, your schedule is too busy, your life is too overwhelming and your heart is too fragile. Your heart is too fragile.

I know.

Remember the very first time your fragile heart felt stirred to do something? You’ve done a good job at pretending you don’t still feel it.

I know. I did too.

Remember when you heard the statistics, when you saw that news story about the babies sleeping on the floor at the DCS office? Remember it broke your heart, for a minute, but then the phone rang and you were able to forget about it?

I know. I did too.

Remember when your children got older and all of a sudden you realized you’d be exposing them to the brokenness too and, heck with your own heart, you felt too fearful of the pain they’d possibly experience?

I know. Me too.

Remember when, you finally shared this stirring, your conviction to step up, with those that you deeply value and trust, and some of their opinions made you feel downright nauseated?

I know. Me too.

And remember when the days turned into months and the months into years?

For 10 years, this life called my name. For 10 whole years, I made every effort to ignore, push aside, suppress, excuse, and unfeel. I felt a call that my heart was not willing to submit to. Ten years.


I was just as afraid 10 years ago as I am today.

I was also just as brave.

Nothing changed, except yes. And yes changed everything.

Ten years from now, all they’ll know is they were worth it and all we’ll remember is our yes.

Do it afraid.

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